pyramid camp Rahab Moustafa
was born in Bahariya and has lived there with his family for more then fourty years. He has over twenty years experience in planning, organising and leading of desert tours, far-reaching areas of Egypt and the whole of the Sinai region. He knows the White Desert especially well. Rahab`s team and the drivers also have a lot of experience in the desert and you will find yourself in the very best of hands.

Our Pyramid-Camp in Bawiti at the northern edge of the Bahariya Oasis is still in construction. For us our camp is now also a station to start our tours at. In future we also plan to build guesthouses in traditional style so that guests will have more time to spend exploring the region.

The surrounding area is very tranquil, with beautiful gardens and fantastic eye-catching views to the Pyramid Mountain.

The area of Bahariya has many attractions that are worthwhile visiting (museum with "Golden Mummys", painted graves at Qasr Selim, temples at Ain Muftillah and the Alexander temple). The sunset from the Pyramid-Camp towards the Pyramid Mountain, the spectacular sunset and view from English Mountain to the nearby oasis and palmtree gardens and the Djara Cave in the north east, are examples of some of the amazing things that you can see in the Bahariya region.