Contact us and make a reservation for your special tour. Book your own flight to Cairo International Airport (You will need to pay for your flights to and from Cairo, about 500 Euro from Frankfurt a. Main Airport, depending on the season and airline). We need to know your flight number, airline and your arrival and departure time. We will pick you up at the entrance of the airport building. If you arrive early, after this we will bring you with an air-conditioned shuttle bus or taxi direct to Bahariya Oasis. Or if you arrive at evening, to the little hotel Pyramids Top Inn with view to the pyramids. We will make the reservation for you, if one overnight stay at the day of arrival and/or departure. is necessary because of the far distance between Cairo and Bahariya oasis (400 km).

In this case, next morning after breakfast we will bring you to Bahariya oasis with an air-conditioned shuttle bus. After a meal together in our camp, we will load your luggage onto off-road vehicles and your desert tour will begin. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), mineral water and fruit are included in the price of the tour.

If your flight departs after noon, you can start early morning direct from Bahariya to Cairo. Other case one day before your return flight, we will bring you back to the hotel and we will have a last dinner together as at your arrival day. Next morning after breakfast we will bring all guests to the Cairo International Airport with an air-conditioned shuttle bus or taxi. Depending on the departure flights of the guests, we can have a short look at the legendary "Pyramids of Gizeh".

Costs: The tours cost 135 Euro all-inclusive per day and person (Groops of 4 p.)
This includes the transport from the Cairo International Airport to the hotel and back at arrival and departure day, two overnight stays, transport from Cairo to Bahariya and back (one day after your arrival day and one day before departure day), travelling costs while on the tours and all food.

On the tour you will have no other costs! If you like, you can honour the drivers with a bagschisch (a tip), to show them that you had a great time and enjoyed the tour. You will have the opportunity to buy gifts and souvenirs in the little shops (souks) in the oasis villages. They sell all kinds of things such as pottery, glass products, cottons, traditional cloth, jewellery - and the best dates on earth!

For your own interest: We recommend to book a health- and traveling-insurance prior to your tour!
(Additional vaccinations are not necessary).